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3rd Party Collections First party collections and customer contact
Secure Account Placement Bankruptcy and Deceased Screening
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3rd Party Collections

Early-out, primary, secondary, tertiary and warehousing /triggering; both residential and commercial; consulting/training services; legal forwarding; beta site for pilot programs

Our goal is to obtain an agreement for prompt voluntary payment and as a result our clients will benefit from a reduction of their default inventory. Eastern Revenue’s detailed and on-going training is an important part of our compliant business practices. ERI’s management team closely and constantly monitors the work of our recovery specialist. They make recommendations and motivate to attain the highest degree of results.

Eastern Revenue’s recovery program is designed to maximize your return in a minimal amount of time. Our stable highly trained recovery specialists, averaging 10 years experience, use state of the art computer programs to completely review and collect your account(s) in detail. Customers are treated professionally while our recovery specialists assist them in meeting their responsibility. During the collection process, collection specialists inform the customer about each action ERI intends to take, explains their alternatives, suggest a course of action and follows up on their commitments. Regular meetings are held to keep our staff up-to-date on industry changes, skip tracing methodology, the boarding new clients and existing client needs.

First party collections and customer contact

AVM/IVR messaging for reminders, outages, disconnects, collections, and low income outreach; live agent support for customer service, collections, customer surveys, outbound/inbound overflow support and low income programs

Secure Account Placement

One of the key factors behind Eastern Revenue’s selection of our technology was the flexibility presented to us.  Due to this, we are able to easily import data from a wide variety of sources and formats such as electronic data interchange, PGP encrypted SFTP, encrypted e-mail, disk, computer tape, third party vendor or email.  All information transmissions are encryption protected. Documents are transferred through ACE with security guaranteed by the leading collection software provider Interprose.

ERI has a diversified client base with unique methods and formats of transmitting and receiving data.  The architectural design of our system makes it an ideal mechanism for communication with virtually any other system.

In addition, we are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with middleware vendors (e.g. DebtNext, Tallyman) and would easily interface with any of them.

In regard to higher education placements, ERI has a terrific relationship with all of the servicers, Campus Partners, ACS, ECSI, eUAS and UAS and would have no difficulty receiving Perkins information into our system. The servicer’s sites are checked daily for updates and new placements. Placements are loaded onto our system within 24 hours of receipt to optimize collection results.

Bankruptcy and Deceased Screening

To help avoid customer service problems and violations of the bankruptcy automatic stay, all accounts will be initially scrubbed for bankruptcy and deceased identification through external databases. Targeted accounts will then be handled pursuant to client requirements.


Targeted accounts will receive a collectability scores  at the time of placement.. ERI’s customized scoring models allow us to initially concentrate collection efforts on debtors with the greatest propensity to pay, and to strategically and efficiently apply collection campaigns on various portfolio segments. While customized scoring on particular delinquent portfolios helps to determine an account’s initial collection campaign assignment, all accounts are assigned and worked within both ERI and our client’s guidelines and requirements.

Telephony Solutions

Sophisticated telephony solutions combine functionality of premise based dialer with flexibility and unlimited scalability of a cloud based system.

  • Inbound/outbound call blending
  • IVR advanced automation
  • 100% inbound/outbound call recording
  • Real time monitoring and reporting
  • Workflow management
  • Skill based routing of inbound calls
  • Security features enable strict compliance with all data security/privacy regulations, and federal/state call restrictions.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Credit reporting can increase collectability. ERI highly recommends credit reporting as a means to leverage when assets are found. ERI complies with all applicable state and federal laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our initial notice advises customers of the timeline and ramifications of credit reporting.

Eastern Revenue forwards an update file on a weekly basis to the 3 major credit bureaus. This file provides the detail of balances due and the current dispositions of the accounts. Additionally, routine removals are handled through this process. An expedited deletion from the credit bureau is always available using our real time on-line product available at your request.

On-Line Payment Option

ERI can accept account payments on-line by visiting www.easternrevenue.com and clicking on the customer payment tab.

Skip Tracing

ERI partners with the industry’s leader in skip tracing software in order to locate domestic and international customers. We skip trace regardless of the age or balance of the account.

Our procedures include the use of accessing multiple national databases to obtain social security numbers, address and telephone updates, surname and neighbor information. Eastern Revenue also uses other unique tools. Our highly trained recovery specialists we have on staff make the locating of customers that don’t want to be found possible.

Legal Forwarding Services

  • Account reviews for litigation viability
  • Streamlined suit commencement via the PA Court of Common Pleas in all PA counties
  • Post judgment remedies including personal property executions and bank account garnishments with wage garnishments in allowable venues
  • A network of legal partners throughout the United States

ERI can litigate accounts at the request of our clients. Our extensive litigation services are provided through a relationship with Burton Neil & Associates, PC a law firm with national reach that specializes in the collection of delinquent accounts receivables.

Burton Neil & Associates, PC
Law Offices
1060 Andrew Drive
Suite 170
West Chester, PA 19380
610-696-4111 (Fax)


  • Established in 1987
  • Full service collections law firm. Their main office, located in West Chester, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, is in close proximity to ERI offices.
  • Represents a number of national credit card companies and debt owners.
  • Provides the full range of collections activities beginning with placement of accounts through receipt of judgment until final disposition of the account.

We discuss accounts for litigation with each client and move forward only after receiving confirmation of approval to proceed in writing. When necessary, provides ERI nationwide capability to pursue collections beginning with placement of accounts, through receipt of judgment and final disposition of the account.

Burton Neil & Associates, PC has a conscientious staff of collectors whose goal is to build cordial relationships with debtors in a non-confrontational manner and in full compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other governmental regulations. Working within settlement guidelines specified by our clients, their collectors are often able to settle accounts or set up flexible payment terms that are acceptable to delinquent account holders without the need to bring suit. Burton Neil & Associates, PC has established a reputation for diligence, legal compliance, and fast turnaround.

On-Line Access to Accounts

The ACE on-line product provides account information that is accessible 24/7. ACE is a user friendly tool that allows access to our collection system. Reports can be generated, accessed, stored or deleted directly from your desktop without ERI intervention. Direct payments and balance changes can also be noted. ERI will work with you on any ad-hoc reports and the formatting of reports if necessary. New Business placements can also be assigned through this portal.

Automated Payment Plans

ERI does set up monthly payment plans with customers. We prefer to set this up using their checking account information that is deducted from their account on a specified date and amount each month. A letter is sent 7 – 10 days prior to the payment due date as a reminder that a payment will be coming out of their account. Payments can also be made by personal or cashier check, money order, credit card or bank wire.

Performance Reports

ERI uses ACE a state of the art collection software package. ACE affords valuable time-management tools to optimize our recovery specialist’s activity as well as a user-friendly and detailed report menu. Information is permanently recorded on the individuals file. The information in the consumers file forms a substantial database. ERI can produce a full range of financial, performance and tracking reports. This information is available, through client reports, by special request or via Navigate. Monthly reports and statements with remittance checks or electronic ACH’s are generated by the 5th of each month and either emailed or sent via a hard copy. If you require a different timeline for reporting that option is available.