Secure Account Placement

One of the key factors behind Eastern Revenue’s selection of our technology was the flexibility presented to us.  Due to this, we are able to easily import data from a wide variety of sources and formats such as electronic data interchange, PGP encrypted SFTP, encrypted e-mail,  third party vendor or email.  All information transmissions are encryption protected. Documents are transferred through ACE with security guaranteed by Interprose.

ERI has a diversified client base with unique methods and formats of transmitting and receiving data.  The architectural design of our system makes it an ideal mechanism for communication with virtually any other system.

In regard to higher education placements, ERI has a terrific relationship with all of the servicers, ACS, ECSI, and UAS and would have no difficulty receiving account  information into our system. The servicer’s sites are checked daily for updates and new placements. Placements are loaded onto our system within 24 hours of receipt to optimize collection results.