Our goal is to obtain an agreement for prompt voluntary payment and as a result our clients will benefit from a reduction of their default inventory. Eastern Revenue’s detailed and on-going training is an important part of our compliant business practices. ERI’s management team closely and constantly monitors the work of our recovery specialists. They make recommendations and motivate to attain the highest degree of results.

Eastern Revenue’s recovery program is designed to maximize your return in a minimal amount of time. Our stable highly trained recovery specialists, averaging 10 years experience, use state of the art computer programs to completely review and collect your account(s) in detail. Customers are treated professionally while our recovery specialists assist them in meeting their responsibility. During the collection process, collection specialists inform the customer about each action ERI intends to take, explains their alternatives, suggest a course of action and follows up on their commitments. Regular meetings are held to keep our staff up-to-date on industry changes, skip tracing methodology, the boarding new clients and existing client needs.